"Palace on rails": Luxury Train Concept

“Palace on rails”: Luxury Train Concept Unveiled

The designer from France, Thierry Gaugain, plans to create a “palace on rails.” A private luxury train is his most current idea.

Not so long ago travel by train was considered outdated. A lot has happened since then. The classic type of travel is seeing a rebirth as travelers seek more sustainable ways to explore new places.

The concept

The train will be made up of 14 carriages with glass that can change from transparent to opaque.

With a top speed of more than 150 kilometers per hour, it will be 400 meters long. There will be enough room for around 18 overnight visitors. The train can be split in two if passengers choose to travel in opposite directions.

Travelers will be able to visit a “hidden” garden. They will also have the access to the train wings transformed to terraces, where parties or even concerts can be performed.


This train is a combination of extreme luxury with cutting-edge technology, however will cost roughly $350 million. The train’s designer has yet to find a buyer.

Here, you can learn more about the smart concept of the train.

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