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Oral-B Genius X Duo Pack Review

Oral-B Genius X Duo Pack

Powered by the artificial intelligence electric toothbrush set and replacement heads from Oral-B are available today to make the brushing experience spectacular.

About the product

This Oral-B Genius X Duo Pack reflects the best features of oral hygiene with two stylish, opulent toothbrushes. The electric devices are powered by state-of-the-art AI, which recognizes your cleaning pattern and directs your approach for a consistently successful and spectacular brushing result.

What’s in the set

The set offers a superior cleaning performance. Each toothbrush has six modes along with pressure control that assists in choosing the best brushing techniques.

Additionally, the kit comes with eight extra toothbrush heads. They are simple to insert into the device and guarantee an excellent, productive brushing experience every time.

There are also two timer-equipped handles, a battery, one charger, and even a travel case!

Availability and price

You can buy your set in numerous retailers, including Lookfantastic online shop, priced at £450. Make your tooth-brushing experience easy and effective! Check Cutoda’s review section for more luxury items from Lookfantastic and other retailers.



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