Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity: Ticket To Space

Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity: Ticket To Space

The pictures of the newest revolutionary capsule design for the extravagantly expensive Spaceship Neptune, have been revealed by the company from Florida – Space Perspective. 


The tourism operator Space Perspective now promises a safe trip to a space edge with the refurbishment of its spacecraft.

The Spaceship Neptune has been redesigned by Space Perspective in collaboration with the industrial design company from London.

Comparing the experience to its earlier capsule design, Space Perspective claims it will be completely safe, luxurious, and even more exhilarating. Their team has joined together to design an extraordinarily reliable, secure, exquisite, and opulent system for Spaceship Neptune.


The modern spaceship is created with a lot of room for passengers to wander around and enjoy the fantastic views. The design offers passengers satellite images and 360-degree cameras to zoom in and out,  in addition to the 360-degree windows.

The price

If you have the $125,000 for the ticket, you can travel to space. The airline is currently taking reservations for trips in 2025 after selling more than 900 tickets.

It is not the only business looking into the advantages of space tourism; The Gateway Foundation intends to establish the first space hotel in 2027, while competitor World View has created a comparable technique utilizing a helium balloon.

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