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OceanScape’s Featured destination – Your Personal Yacht Cruise

OceanScape’s Featured destination

In anticipation of the upcoming summer, the most important holiday season, you have to make a choice: how you want to relax, and most importantly, where. A private yacht can transport you to any place you like.


Bahamas, Florida, the Caribbean, Indonesia, Mexico, and other places are among the most popular destination, just to name a few. You can also make your choice between Australia, Polynesia, Hawaii, or Costa Rica.

OceanScape’s superyacht fleet is ready for your trip. Just choose where would you like to spend your days bouncing between different islands, enjoying the sun, and fresh ocean air, exploring historical sites, or admiring great food.


You can create a trip that is suited to your specific needs. There is no request that is too big or detail that is too small.

Because there is no set agenda, if you adored a location, you can spend the entire day there, enjoying cuisine, drinks, and views. Alternatively, you will be able to travel to the next location at any time.

For more exceptional destinations feel free to surf the OceanScape site, where you can search our fleet for the perfect luxury charter yacht for your next vacation.



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