Oceanscape Private Yacht Cruising

Oceanscape Private Yacht Cruising Review

Life is too short to waste time on mundane trips. Todd Beechey founded OceanScape Yachts for this reason. Your vacation maybe everything you want it to be when you charter a luxury private boat. There will be no strangers, a predetermined timetable, and much more to make the experience unforgettable.

Is it true that only the rich can afford it?

Chartering a private luxury yacht appears to be an unreachable ideal, only the super-rich could ever manage. Most of us who yearn for luxury comfortable sea trips used to book cruise liner tickets on one of the more opulent ships. 

However, the luxury yachting cruises are getting more affordable every day, as the industry moves.

For example, if you have a group of 8 persons of family and friends, you can hire a luxurious boat for $32,000 and even have some leftover money to pay for any unexpectable extras.

What Is So Special About It?

Private vessels offer a completely new level of luxurious service. The independence is wonderful. You have the right to change roots any time you wish so. Remember that private boats may access small anchorages and beautiful marinas that cruise ships cannot. Here, you are treated with meals exclusively to your choice as well.

The team respects your privacy but is always available if you require assistance. This is an astonishing service that can’t be proposed by any cruise ship. 

Other benefits

Oceanscape Private Yacht Cruising just needs your vision about your ideal trip – and their Travel Ambassadors will help and make it a reality in the short time possible!

A yachting holiday can offer you sun and sand, exotic experiences, or just complete relaxation. The choice is yours!

Any personal luxury yacht from a wide world’s catalog is at your service. You can whisk from a hidden island to a bustling city and back! Everything is tailored to your preferences. You will be looked after by a professional crew. In addition, luxury boat trips are fantastic for families! 

So do not hesitate and consult OceanScape’s Travel Ambassador here.

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