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Ninebot Mecha Kit Review

Ninebot Mecha Kit

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your hoverboard into a mobile mini robot, the Segway-Ninebot Mecha Kit add-on is now available.

Extended equipment

The Mecha Kit self-balancing hoverboard has a unique joystick control design. It requires a push forward to move straight and a pull to slide backward.

First of all, when turning, the left and right handle control each side wheel separately, allowing for in-place rotation. Also, the item includes a quick-release screw buckle that can be assembled in five minutes. Besides, you can connect to the Ninebot app and play a simple remote control game.

Addictive game

A pair of water pellet mills and a dual joystick with a trigger to control the vehicle and shoot water pellets arm the modular hoverboard.

The water pellet pistols have dual magazines with automatic ammunition loading. In addition, they have an anti-glare illumination for easy aiming.

Built-in speaker

The Mecha M1 Kit hoverboard has a built-in speaker and Bluetooth connectivity. They can play sound effects for a dramatic shootout or stream your favorite music if you prefer.

Steel frame

The Mecha M1 Kit uses a heavy-duty steel frame with all-around anti-collision protection and boasts stylish RGB lighting under the vehicle.

In fact, the modular hoverboard is only recommended for people aged 14 and over. The speed of the gyro scooter depends on the activated mode and varies from 3 km / h (when moving backward) to 14 km / h (when moving forward).

You can get more information and order the product for $500 here.



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