New Year home party ideas

New Year home party ideas

With the Coronavirus situation still not fully under control in most of the countries catering facilities like hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs… are still closed, in other words, all the parties, including the New Year one, have been canceled. 

New Year’s eve

As New Year’s eve is a special one, also known as “the craziest night in the year”, nobody wants to stay home, watch TV and do nothing about celebrating it. Since the places for parties like clubs and cafes are closed, you have to improvise. Here are some ideas for it.

Ideas for home party

First of all, be responsible, and don’t make a home party with too many people (in most countries there is an indoor number of people restriction so stick to it) since it is not safe. Here are some ideas about how to make a memorable New Year’s party at home:

  • Themed party,

Choose a theme and decorate your home in that style. Also tell your guest what they have to wear since the themed party should have a dress code, as well as a music playlist based on the theme.

  • Drinking games,

These types of games are always fun. Just type in your Google search this term, and you will get a bunch of ideas for it.

  • Scavenger hunt,

Mystery games like this can make you having fun for hours. You can even make it in New Year’s theme, to make it more situation appropriate.

More ideas

Even with the clubs closed, you can still have a great time for New Year’s eve. There is that phrase that says “only stupid people get bored”, in other words just be creative, imaginative and positive and everything will be as it should. For more ideas for a home party, you can check here.



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