New Backpack By Watson: Hard Shell High-Tech

New Backpack By Watson: Hard Shell High-Tech

The recently released backpack from Watson is a high-tech innovative design and a chic look.


The innovative hard shell Pack is the first advancement in bags after zippers in the course of 100 years.   Moreover, the Pack’s sleek surfaces set it apart from ordinary rucksacks for young people, yet its usage is indisputable fun.


The Pack is the result of ten thousand hours of on-the-ground investigation at tech firms. Most people agreed that wearing their current bag made them feel immature or rather childish. 

Most business people make a decision and choose a bag that is functional, fashionable, or sophisticated.  However, since they are used to having everything at their disposal, they need a better option than a usual backpack. The new Pack is the solution.


It has a stand-up design, push-buttons, a watertight seal, and neatly crafted pockets. In addition, the materials of the pack are durable ballistic nylon, and real leather. A significant life event, such as a new position, change of the living area, or any positive shift, sometimes occurs at the same time as an upgrade to the Pack. It is a means for self-actualization and independence.

Price and availability

Pack 3.0 is only offered on the company’s website. It has a special sale price of $419 for a limited period of time.

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