Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter Review

The limited-edition motorcycle from Neiman Marcus costing an astonishing $11 million is the most pricey motorbike in the world.


 Neiman Marcus,  the chain of luxury stores based in the USA decided to put a Fighter bike up for auction. Its price skyrocketed to enormous heights. As a result, the bike’s starting price of $110,000 grew up to $11 million!

The Fighter represents the machine’s advancement. Its design helps to provide maximum performance. It highly resembles a sci-fi vehicle.


The motorcycle’s noticeable chassis, cut from a singular metal piece, are a huge success with fans. Moreover, its ultra-light carbon-fiber structure, which is combined with titanium, allows it to reach the speed of 190 meters per hour.

The 120ci 45-degree Air-Cooled V-Twin Engine provides the machine’s power. It’s well worth the money thanks to a unique braking system and a whole slew of high-tech features.

This release includes only 45 motorcycles. You can get more information about the Neiman Marcus Fighter here.

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