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Nanoleaf Elements Review

Nanoleaf Elements

Nanoleaf has designed its most elegant, beautiful, and discreet product yet, the one that is equally appealing when turned off or on. The Nanoleaf Elements are a unique design element that may be used as artwork as well as lighting. It’s a fantastic item for fans of modern or minimalist style.

Customizable modular panels

These panels give your house an exquisite and organic feel. There are a variety of lighting options to give your room a natural glow. This piece is stunning.

Nanoleaf Elements are both gorgeous wall art and configurable lighting. They look great on or off, combining science and art in perfect unison. With the nature-inspired Hexagon forms, you can construct beautiful artwork or switch them on to create the perfect ambiance. Control them with the touch buttons, and use the Nanoleaf App to uncover more clever adjustments.

Also, Nanoleaf’s in-app “virtual layout” tool employs augmented reality to help you visualize what your arrangement would look like. However, it is only accessible for iOS devices, not Android.

Rhythm and music

With Nanoleaf Elements, you can fill your home with vibrant light to create the ideal environment for relaxing or creativity using 11 provided modes. You may also personalize it to match your personal style. Alternatively, use Rhythm Music Sync to perfectly complement your favorite music mix.

Lifespan and pricing

The Elements panels have a lifespan of roughly 25,000 hours, which amounts to 1,041 days if used the whole day, every day, according to Nanoleaf.

Each set of three more Elements panels (including connections) costs $99.99, while a starter pack of seven Elements panels (including the power supply, controller, and connectors) will cost you $299.99.

You can learn more about the item and other company’s products here.



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