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Multifunctional Clothes – Transformers From Iryna Dzhus

Multifunctional Clothes - Transformers From Iryna Dzhus

Iryna Dzhus, famous for creating multifunctional transformer items of clothing, presented a new collection of her brand DZHUS for autumn-winter 2022/2023.


The main idea of ​​the show is duality in life and fashion. On the one hand – rationality and clarity, on the other – inconstancy and lack of form. The designer from Ukraine brought models dressed in cocoons to the catwalk, creating the illusion of security and leaving room for radical transformations.


The metamorphosing fashion collection by DZHUS has the official name of ‘Psuedo.’ All items in the collection are transformers and can easily change their appearance and functionality. A crinkled organza top can become a bag, a collar can become a hat, and a jumper can become a skirt.

DZHUS brand refers us to metamodernism with its irony and changeability. According to the creator of the collection, cruelty-free recycled materials are its main material. Moreover, the fabrics resemble crumpled paper, and packaging boxes and bags. It reminds the world of the importance of recycling.


Learn more about the well-known designer at Vogue’s official site. You can explore and shop the items of the new collection here.



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