Monozukuri Course: Making Things Can Be More Than Exciting

Monozukuri Course: Making Things Can Be More Than Exciting

This course gives you an idea of Monozukuri, or the “art of creating things,” with the help of discourses from Tokyo Tech.


This course discusses engineering subjects while introducing basic Monozukuri concepts. This is a novel kind of education. Here, students not only watch video tutorials and respond to tests but also actively participate in their own project-based learning experience.

You will study the little steamboat’s power system as you progress through the course. Furthermore, you will get an idea of how to create objects with accuracy and incredible functionality. This is the ability to create real-world objects. You will get the guiding idea behind Japanese high-quality goods. Discussions with designers and makers of items will serve as examples. For students interested in learning about engineering theories and Japanese manufacturing, this course is a must.

Even More

Additionally, the course introduces the ideas of experiential education. Everyone has the chance to learn from their own experiences thanks to the materials on experiential learning in this course.

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