Miss Dior

Miss Dior Perfume New Edition Review

Miss Dior Eau de Perfume is Dior’s newest eau de parfum, and it’s stunning. It uses a luxurious trunk to allow buyers to encounter the fragrance uniquely. The exquisite fragrance product has a creative pack that inspires and creates a special atmosphere.

New edition

With this new version, you get the flowery manifestation of the cheerful and captivating Miss Dior personality. First of all, flowery notes of rose, honey, and pepper, as well as peony and iris, dominate in the perfume.  The rose reigns here surrounded with delicate undertones of pepper and honey. In addition, a  peony note with a tingle of apricot adds an irresistible charm that gains its fullness with the finish of the soft woody notes.

The trunk

Every trunk produced by the experienced hands of the trunk-makers in the ateliers of the famous brand features the bright and glittering abundance of flowers conceived by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Moreover, each   200 ml bottle of Miss Dior eau de perfum has a number and a bow ornamented with gorgeous embroidery.

In fact, only 100 of these special editions are available worldwide. You can get more information on the item here.

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