Miraculous Set From La Mer: The Healing Power Of The Sea

Miraculous Set From La Mer: The Healing Power Of The Sea

Lookfantastic presents the La Mer Restored and Refresh set, which moisturizes and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Brand’s history

Dr. Max Huber set out to change his skin after suffering burns in a lab mishap, which is how the legend of La Mer originated. He worked as an astrophysicist during the day and dreamed and gazed at the stars at night. He wished to learn the source of the sea’s therapeutic abilities, which he greatly liked.

Eventually, he fermented brown seaweed together with additional ingredients to produce the fabled Miracle Broth™. Crème de la Mer, a moisturizer that noticeably changes skin, has this cell-renewing elixir as its base.


The fantastic set includes four items: serum, eye concentrate, emulsion, and crème.

Firstly, the serum’s newly developed composition helps enhance a fresh look by reducing the visibility of wrinkles for a more youthful-looking expression of vibrancy.

Secondly, the eye concentrate benefits the delicate eye zone. It is a powerful product that transforms the appearance of lines and dark circles by delivering amazing energy and comforting moisturizing.

 Thirdly, the lightweight emulsion hydrates skin throughout the day to renew, fortify, and stabilize the skin’s texture.

Finally, the incredibly rich cream provides calming hydration and energetic healthy rejuvenation. Initial touches appear to have calmed sensitivity. Dehydration seems to vanish, the skin looks smoother, the wrinkles become less pronounced, and a more buoyant, youthful appearance develops.

Availability and price

In addition, the set comes in a beautiful, sea-colored cosmetic bag – comfortable and aesthetic. Get your at Lookfantastic for £295.

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