Minitab Review&Pricing

Minitab Review&Pricing


Minitab is a software solution mainly built for statistical calculations and data processing and analysis.

Best for

Those who know and understand the basics of statistics, and are in need of big and smart data processing.

Not for

Those who don’t have any knowledge in statistics or need only some simple calculations.

– If the basic Minitab doesn’t fit your needs, there are several different modules of this software, each for some specific things,
– Statistical consulting is available at their website,
– Easy for using and excellent for creating statistical graphs, and smart data analysis.
– Both academic and industry use,
– Full integration with Microsoft Office applications.
– Not so simple if you don’t have basic knowledge of statistics,
– Can’t be used on a mobile phone (neither Android nor iOS).


Currently (26.12.2020.), Minitab is under embargo restrictions of U.S. , in order to get the prices of this software you have to contact the provider, which can be done at their website.

Free version

  • There is no free version of Minitab`s software,
  • However, there is a 30 day free trial.

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