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Michael Kors Sexy Amber Eau de Parfum Review

Michael Kors Sexy Amber Eau de Parfum

Michael Kors has never changed his vision of fashion. According to the designer, the future belongs to a sporty style of clothing. A feature of his collections is the combination of external simplicity with sophistication.


Michael was able to cater to the practical tastes of buyers. Also, his work is characterized by strict lines and conciseness, which makes them sophisticated. From handbags, watches, and purses to jackets, coats, shoes, and fragrances, you can find everything to create a complete look in his clothing and accessories lines.

With success in the fashion industry, Kors also succeeded in perfumery. His fragrances are recognizable and loved.

Sexy Amber

Eau de Parfum Sexy Amber from the famous brand Michael Kors will be the best choice for those who are looking for a memorable fragrance.

First of all, the perfume,e decoration is great! The bottle itself is smooth, rectangular, and elongated. It uses thick transparent glass. Moreover, the gold-colored lid has the stamped logo of the brand. 

Oriental composition with floral nuances will give confidence and inspiration. Sexy Amber opens deep and voluminous with a huge bouquet of white flowers. It is a delightful romantic fragrance.

 Perfume by Michael Kors is flirty and sexy and is a perfect choice for the upcoming summer. Such perfume will be a real find for bright and spectacular girls who are not afraid to be seductive and alluring. A rich, bittersweet oriental sandalwood scent is intertwined with a warm, slightly tart, and slightly salty amber scent. Somewhere in the distance, light, sweet, honey notes of white flowers appear.

Most of all, the aroma resembles a walk through the oriental bazaar with incense, spices, and aromatic oils.

In fact, it is pretty hard to find one these days. But you can search different perfume sites, and we are pretty sure you will be lucky to find your precious bottle.



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