Michael Kors Marilyn Bag

Michael Kors Marilyn Bag Review

Whether you are a discreet businesswoman who prefers laconic forms, a glamorous girl who loves small and sophisticated items, or a stylish casual girl who chooses accent backpacks, there is everything for you in the collections of Michael Kors bags.

The Michael Kors bag is more than just an accessory. Kors collections are striking in their diversity. The brand’s lines include unisex urban backpacks, clutches and cocktail bags, travel and shopping bags, and discreet classic options, equally appropriate with outerwear, office, or casual wear.

Michael Kors Marilyn bag

Stylish, with the clearly defined lines the bag is an example of true art.

American designer Mikes Kors puts his whole soul into every creation. Marilyn model from the famous fashion designer is in demand all over the world, not only because of its appearance but also for its high quality of workmanship. Moreover, it is available in three sizes: mini, medium, and large.

Material and fittings

Like all Michael Kors bags, Marilyn is made of quality materials and will serve its owners for more than one season. The top of the bag is made of genuine saffiano leather. It does not rub, crack or deform easily.

Fittings use high-grade stainless steel as a material. They can be made in both gold and silver colors. The sliders move freely along the zipper, and key chains with the brand’s logo look solid and expensive. In addition, there are several internal compartments for the comfortable placement of personal belongings.

You can’t even imagine how convenient and practical this handbag is. It costs $298 and comes in a variety of colors, from beige with a printed logo to deep red. You can see this and other models on the official website of the company.

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