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Michael Kors Access Smartwatch Review

Michael Kors Access Smartwatch

Michael Kors  Access smartwatch is a high-quality product, focused primarily on style, functionality, and modern looks.


Michael Kors smartwatch uses stainless steel of a high grade as a material.  Its screen is protected by durable glass. Moreover, they are pretty tiny with a weight of fewer than 250 grams.

The control buttons are nice and easy to use. The monitor runs on the Android operating system. Depending on the delivery set, the material from which the strap is made may vary. Most often it is silicone. However, you can also order the model with the leather one.

The smartwatch is unisex, so it can be easily enjoyed by both men and women.


The watch has a screen diagonal of 1.39 inches. The system is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. The display in the entire line of watches has a pretty good resolution.


In addition to a unique look, smartwatches are ready to offer the user good technical functionality. The gadget is equipped with sensors. And also has a built-in mic. The model offers a speaker, which, in fact, allows you to use the watch as an intercom.

You can control the Michael Kors Access watch through a special Google app.

It can track your daily walking activity. You can connect to the watch not only a smartphone running Android, but also an iPhone. The manufacturer claims that the smartwatch is waterproof.

In general, the watch turned out to be worthy of attention and also looks stylish and unique. You can get it for a reasonable price of $115 on the brand’s official site.



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