Marketing impact of the US 2020 election

Marketing impact of the US 2020 election

We witnessed probably the most tensed presidential elections in USA history. It lasted almost three days, with the results almost even all the time, in the end, Biden got with the victory.

What was the impact of the election tension?

This tense was probably something that made all the hype about this election. With constant objections on election regulation from both major candidates, in one moment it looked like a reality show. It is clear that there was a huge marketing background behind this, which can be used as a good practice in the future.

Why is that so?

A rise of about 75% in “US elections” searches in October 2020 vs November 2020 has been noted. We assume this happens for 3 reasons:

  • Record turnout,

The record turnout has been noted for these elections, this only means that public interest grew.

  • Marketing campaign,

Many organizations like the NBA and “Black lives matter” were constantly using their public space to promote the importance of voting.

  • Creative ideas for political meetings,

Since the start of the pandemic, public meetings have been very restricted, so politicians had to find alternate methods for propagating their ideas. Creative ideas such as drive-in meeting proven quite useful.

What this all mean for the future?

The whole election affair won’t stop for quite some time, since Trump already announced lawsuits about elections irregularities. This whole “show” can be and will be, used for many marketing advertisements in the future, in other words, every business should reconsider to snap a piece of this election soap cake. For more marketing impacts that elections did provoke, you can check here.



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