Luxurious Matsui Whiskey

Luxurious Matsui Whiskey Review

Whiskies from Japan are made very similar to Scottish blends. They are delicate and fragrant, with a honeyed sweetness to them. They have a silky texture, with mild floral notes, and are great to enjoy smokiness.


Matsui Shuzou, not so well-known Japanese manufacturer, has recently created a very special malt. The prefecture famous for its dunes is the home of the company.

The Tottori Blended Japanese Whisky and Matsui Gin are the most standing-out luxury liquor products, just to name a few.


With the first gulp you can distinguish grassy taste, then layers of buttery oak come to the scene. After that, you start to enjoy orange and black tea notes mixed with light smoke and brown sugar notes. The burst of flavor finishes with vanilla.

The whiskey is offered in classic and limited editions For more information on the Matsui products feel free to search here.

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