Luxema 8000 Two-level Swim Spa

Luxema 8000 Two-level Swim Spa Review

Become trendy with this luxurious Swim Spa. The Luxema 8000 is a magnificent double-level hot tub. It has a nearly 1,5-meter deep pool on the lower level and a jacuzzi on the upper level!


This amazing Two-level Swim Spa, designed by Slovenian business SPAmbient, is large enough to serve as a fair size swimming pool.

Firstly, the tub is 1500 kg in weight and requires around 10,000 gallons of water to fill. Secondly, it has 130 jets and nine water pumps and is divided into two areas. Finally, the upper half of the tub may be utilized as a swimming pool since it has jets that can create powerful currents for swimming. The bottom spa can accommodate up to six people and has a bar that is perfect for throwing a party.

Other Benefits

 As an added plus, it is equipped with a big HD television with a built-in sound system for the visitors’ amusement between the higher and lower levels.

Luxema 8000 will cost you around $50,000. This is exactly what you’ve been searching for if you have some spare cash and some more outside space!

This hot tub is likely to be larger than the majority of inexpensive hotel rooms! The Luxema 8000 comes with everything you need. Have a blast in this huge swim spa with all of your friends and guests!  

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