Louis Vuitton’s Ski Collection

Louis Vuitton’s Ski Collection Review

The new Louis Vuitton collection has made skiing even more luxurious! The company just debuted with its first-ever ski collection, which includes a variety of items suitable for both style and sports fans.


The LV Ski outfit uses materials that are light in weight and have high insulating features. The collection also offers pieces decorated with stunning images of alpine scenery in the evening.

Gloves, jackets, ski masks, and a lot more are available, with the most intriguing item being the snow mask, which has anti-scratch lenses with UV protection. Moreover, it is decorated with the famous LV insignia.


A jacket for skiing with a  unique chain belt for climbing rocks, special skis, and boots are among the other standout pieces.


This collection is ideal for your stylish winter adventures. It is available for purchase, however, it is a limited edition of two hundred pieces. You can order and explore it at Louis Vuitton official website.

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