Louis Vuitton's LV² Trainers

Louis Vuitton’s LV² Trainers Review

With the debut of the second LV² collection for 2022, Louis Vuitton continues the creative dialogue with NIGO.

The new line, which includes reinvented versions of the popular LV Trainer Sneakers in juicy bright colors, is a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and A Bathing Ape creator NIGO.

LV² is going old school, in contrast to the latest mainstream fashion. That means classic tailoring, tapered slacks, and denim with a tribute to workwear, which served as a source of creativity. However, because this collection is all about luxury, LV² uses lavish leather with monograms and updates the suits with patchwork.

One of the most stunning items of the collection is sneakers. The new sneakers will be available in a variety of colors, including brilliant green, blue, and orange.  These hues dominate the silhouettes, however, the outsoles of the sneakers are black. Also, the black LV logo is placed on the tongues of the trainer’s shoes, as well as the brand’s characteristic Monogram Flowers. 

Each shoe takes around seven hours to sew, according to the manufacturer, which helps to explain the $1,250 price tag. The new Louis Vuitton Trainer Sneakers are now available for purchase on the Louis Vuitton website. You can explore the whole collection here

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