Louis Vuitton Sustainable Vegan Sneakers

Louis Vuitton Sustainable Vegan Sneakers Review

With the release of its new Charlie shoes, Louis Vuitton joined the fashion brands that use the principles of sustainability. 


The materials used in the design of sneakers are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The shoes, for example, use corn plastic, as a material. Furthermore, the soles contain more than 90%  of reprocessed rubber. In addition, the packaging uses recycled cardboard.

The sneakers are the first “eco-friendly”  model from Louis Vuitton. Moreover, it’s the first brand’s unisex model. 

Other brands 

In fact, plant-based footwear isn’t a new concept for the world of fashion. The designers of Chanel and Hugo Boss have already utilized Pinatex – a plant-based leather, made of pineapple fibers.

Gucci updated the luxury market earlier this year. The house introduced Demetra, a brand-new breakthrough material. This material blends durability and softness without affecting the environment.

The Charlie sneakers price is a moderate  $1,080  for a low-top model.  The high-top model is priced at $1,130.

You can get more information about the item on the Louis Vuitton website.

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