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Loewe Expands Its Botanical Rainbow Collection: The Earth

Loewe Expands Its Botanical Rainbow Collection: The Earth

As the most recent expansion to its multicolored line debuted at the beginning of the year, Loewe has released its new “Earth” fragrance.

New Collection

Perfumes including Solo and others were a part of the new Loewe’s Botanical Rainbow line, which was first unveiled earlier. The exquisite bottle shape of each scent is similar, yet each fragrance conveys its own individuality through a chosen color: multicolor shades that mirror nature’s own brilliant spectrum.

The Earth

The Loewe Earth fragrance is the quintessence of the components that unite the nature of the internal and external words.  It comes packaged in an eye-catching purple bottle.

This unisex fragrance includes the unusual note of truffle mushroom, but also, violet, and tender mimosa. The new perfume is powdery, animalic, and aquatic, with hints of fruits and flowers.

Availability and price 

Eau de parfum is available in 50ml and 100ml sizes and priced at $118 and $169 correspondently. You can buy your bottle at Loewe’s official site.



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