Lensa Uses Your Photos To Train Its AI

Lensa Uses Your Photos To Train Its AI

Over the past month, social media has been inundated with individuals posting selfies made by AI using Lensa’s newest function, which has helped the app skyrocket in popularity.

New features

In the first days of the last month, people downloaded this application 4 million times. Users of Lensa can upload up to twenty photos for a small amount of money, after which they will receive 50 AI-generated selfies in a range of aesthetic designs.

Problem or not?

Do not rush to click the buy button though. According to Lensa’s privacy statement and terms of service, its AI may utilize “Face Data,” for further learning.

A neural network, like the one employed in Lensa, learns from a massive volume of information. Moreover, it continuously improves its output. It used hundreds of millions of photos to learn the connection between various phrases and various graphical qualities, which allowed it to transform simply put texts into pictures of unexpectedly great quality. Lensa constantly improves its capacity to precisely represent faces.

This app uses facial tracking tools that let iPhone owners activate their devices. The facial data is gathered but according to developers, never handed to third parties. It’s still unclear whether this AI-powered generator will lead to causing problems or not.

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