Leica M-A Titan Ultra Rare Camera

Leica M-A Titan Ultra Rare Camera Review

The Leica M-A Titan is nearly as expensive as a new vehicle, but it is created to be ultra-durable. Leica has now released a new model that maintains the company’s habit of re-imagining old cameras with more enduring titanium parts.


With the introduction of the M6 TTL Titanium, Leica established a line of titanium models. The M-A Titan is the sixth one that uses titanium. Moreover, it has extremely restricted quantities.

The camera has a considerably more elegant appearance thanks to the titanium. Due to the extremely high price, this may be more of a collector’s piece.


The new Leca’s Titan camera has APO-Summicron-M 50 f/2 ASPH lens, which features titanium components as well. This material has high tensile strength and resists rusting. The parts made of this alloy, are much lighter and tougher in comparison to brass.

The M-A Titan, unlike Leica’s latest M11, is a mechanical 35mm film camera. Moreover, it has been produced with pure photography in mind.

Availability and price

With $20,000 to spend on a Leica’s new model, you’ll have to act quickly because they’re on order right now. Don’t forget that the limited edition will only have 250 devices.

Only Leica shops and the Leica Online Store will be able to distribute the M-A Titan.

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