Learn Languages With EdX Online Courses

Learn Languages With EdX Online Courses

EdX offers you different language courses in English, Spanish, Japanese, and more. Study the language of your choice with the tutors of the best world Universities.

Our tutors

Our native language teachers live in different parts of the world, so you will get to know different cultural features of the language.

During the courses, teachers will mostly communicate with you in the language you are studying, so you will learn quickly.

Spanish from Valencia, Japanese from Waseda, English from Stanford – our options are the best. There are different levels for different language levels: from the courses for Beginners to Upper-Intermediate proficiency. 


Except for the grammar and vocabulary, you will be able to learn different cultural peculiarities as well. At EdX you can learn Italian culture on the courses for three different levels, Japanese culture, and many others.

For example, by taking Noongar Language and Culture course you will be able to learn about the Noongar people of Western Australia. You will also get acquainted with their culture and language.

Special offer

EdX also proudly offers you some very unique and special courses, which you will hardly find anywhere else. For example, the course Language Revival: Securing the Future of Endangered Languages will give you an idea of the ways to resuscitate the world’s minority languages and why doing so is essential to preserving cultural heritage.

Make your choice today! For more language course options search the EdX language section.

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