Lazzarini Super Yachts

Lazzarini Super Yachts Review

Lazzarini Design has revealed a new stunning yacht design with a massive space in the center. Its name is Icaria. It came only four weeks after this same company unveiled the design of the 226-foot yacht called Shape.

Shape vs Icaria

The owner can modify Icaria’s open deck in the shape of the hole with various furnishings based on how mariners wish to use it, just like its predecessor. Moreover, Lazzarini studio has added a large bar to the spacious deck, making it possible for passengers to enjoy beverages outdoor.

Truly saying, the yachts’ shapes are extremely different. Shape has elegant lines and a pointed bow, whilst Icaria has a big glass-enclosed bridge. The owner can stay on it, completely protected from the weather.

What they provide

The vessels are also different as to what they provide. Shape has a pool at the top and is all about resting. Icaria, on the other hand, looks to be for adventures with its place for a landing of two helicopters. 

In addition, Icaria’s power peculiarities are still unknown, but Shape will run fully on renewable energy, with hydrogen and rooftop solar panels providing power. It’s safe to assume that Icaria will have the same energy features.

While Icaria is still a concept, you can learn more about Shape here.

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