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Kors Loves: Saving Our Planet

Kors Loves: Saving Our Planet

The company is continuously considering how fashion affects the environment and how to change the situation while still delivering the standard and excellence to its clients.


The entire team of Michael Kors is dedicated to building sustainably and is satisfied with the measures put in place to minimize the environmental footprint of the company’s activities. Everyone here is conscious that there is still a long way to go.   All items with the unique “Kors Loves” emblem have one of the following characteristics:

– Made with at least 50% environmentally friendly components, such as organic or recycled fabrics.

– Use as a material leather that adheres to the strictest criteria of sustainability


Beyond the raw materials used to make his products, sustainability is a priority for Kors. His company is contributing to a better environment in numerous ways.


Kors Loves Styles offer you small cardcases, medium leather bags, boots, sandals, and a lot more. Baseball and racer jackets, dresses and sweaters, backpacks, and a whole lot of accessorize will please even the most demanding customers. In addition, there are trainers, pencil skirts, and dresses of all kinds.

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