Kimono Inspired Citizen Watch

Kimono Inspired Citizen Watch Review

Sakura blossom and national costume motifs are two things that proclaim Japanese luxury style. With Citizen’s forthcoming new watch launch, you will be able to appreciate both.

This brand new collection’s design is motivated by national costume themes and cherry blossom. The end effect is quite breathtaking. You can see sakura flowers of all dimensions and hues scattered across the deep blue watch face. This color is the one of the spring night. Other colors of the watch are every shade of pink and blue, adding depth to the composition.

The diamond decorations shine like stars in the night sky.  The pink jewels inside the gears can be visible through the round, moon-like window. The gold and pink face numbers perpetuate the picture of the beautiful flowers.

The rear of the case is transparent as well. You can watch every movement of the mechanism. Finally, this model is water-resistant, allowing you to swim while wearing it.

This Citizen watch for women will be available for $435 on January 20. Only 800 will be available, so if you want one, you will have to be in the first ranks on the company’s website.

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