Jura Giga 6 Coffee Machine

Jura Giga 6 Coffee Machine Review and Pricing


With this new model, Jura is reinventing the notion of automated coffee machines. It has a new variety of settings and features that make it perfect for any coffee lover.

Best for

Coffee lovers.

Not for

Preparing drinks other than coffee.

It is adjustable to accommodate cups up to almost 7 inches high.The cleaning tablets are included in the package.The touch screen menu is too sensitive and starts to prepare a drink with no option to cancel the process.
The Giga 6 could keep decaf and normal beans in hoppers and produce various mixes.The Bluetooth phone app does not work properly.
It has 28 different options for your cup of coffee.


$5,979 per item.

Additional info

  • The machine is made of durable stainless steel, aluminum, and ABS plastics.
  • It has two adjustable ceramic disc grinders.
  • The item weighs 30 pounds.
  • Everything you need comes in one pack: aqua test strip, milk hose, two smart filters, cleaning tablets, cloth, and some other items.

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