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It’s Like Driving A Porsche: Evari 856 E-Bike

It's Like Driving A Porsche: Evari 856 E-Bike

The Evari Bikes Limited became a start-up winner in 2021 with its amazing e-bike. Since then one more modification with a single-speed hub has been developed.


The brand’s motto is creativity. Moreover, creativity is the main driving force within Evari. The company places a strong emphasis on ethics and sustainability. The business contributes to building a sustainable future. Evari’s activities promote health and wellbeing.


Firstly, a high-end pedelec has a monocoque carbon frame to keep it as light as possible, and complete electronic integration that hides all visible cables creating a sleek and modern look.

Secondly, the primary materials for the bike, as chosen by the design team, are titanium and carbon fiber. The bike’s unibody carbon frame has a distinctive form.

It uses a Bosch CX motor. Bosch was chosen because of its undisputed proficiency with electric motors, safety, and ease of maintenance with a worldwide network of authorized service facilities.

The app

In addition, the complete ownership experience is provided through the supplementary Evari App. It will save all the ownership paperwork and provide ride data, including a navigator, route planner, speedometer, and watch, adjusted to the individual rider’s preferences. You can choose your model of Evari e-bike on the company’s official site.



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