Italfama Chess Set

Italfama Chess Set Review

Italfama started its existence in 1976. This happened thanks to Aldo Marsili and his chess obsession, but primarily due to his craft skills and passion for arts and creativity.


The initially made chessboards were very successful. Soon the hobby became a life’s job, establishing Italfama as a world-class manufacturer. The company produces chessboards in various styles. The most popular are those depicting great wars and historical figures.


Firstly, rich materials such as elmwood, marble, or malachite, are meticulously selected for the item’s production. Secondly, a variety of metals, are used for chess pieces manufacture. Finally, the manufacturer offers a diversity of finishes, ranging from simple satin to polished gold and silver.

Royal Style

Sets from Italy are not only beautiful, but they are also functional. The manufacturing procedure is also impressive. Italfama makes chess utilizing the lost casting process of the wax, which stretches back to antiquity.

The model 39B+720R is made of brass and wood elm. The dimension of figures in the set is 2 cm in height by 6,5 cm. The round, light brown table emphasizes the beauty of graceful figures. 

Play chess in a truly royal style! For a reasonable price of $600, you can have an exceptional piece of art at home. Check for more great chess from Italfama here.

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