InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle Review

Electric unicycles are not as widespread as e-bikes or scooters, for example. However, they are recognized to be a useful mode of transportation. They’re also quite small,  convenient to carry by public transport and even in the office. To put it simply, they’re a fantastic method to navigate boulevards and avenues. The InMotion V11 goes above and beyond ordinary making it possible for you to turn abruptly onto rough off-road routes.


This model provides a range of 75 miles. It has a motor with 2200W power and a reliable battery. The device has a maximum speed of 31 mph.

Other specifications include a high climbing angle, payload capacity of 265 lbs, and a total weight of 60 lbs.

Moreover, the e-unicycle offers a modern cooling system for high- together with front and rear taillights.

You can also track your performance and usage habits with the special app. This amazing device has an unprecedented weight distribution as well.

Other features and price

Higher surface friction of the pedals is also provided. A built-in stand and a fold-up handle are among other features.

The InMotion V11 is now available for $2,199.

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