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Hydrofoiler XE-1 Review

Hydrofoiler XE-1

Summer is coming with its beach season, and here we want to present you with a real water bike – something completely different from what you are used to. This is the first hydrofoil electric bike in the world.

Hydrofoil eBike

XE-1 water bike replicates the cycling experience on the water. It allows you to ride on any water surface – from a pond, river, or lake to coastal sea waters. And all because it was specially designed for its operation in salt water.

You are not in danger of a calm walk, here you need to pedal intensively. And when you get tired, turn on the “electric assistant” and go on electric traction. The maximum speed of the Hydrofoiler XE-1 is up to 22 km per hour, which is similar to the speed of traditional sailboats.

Its “electric assistant” has 7 levels of operation, in other words – 7 speeds. Also, it has a wireless remote control and a fitness bracelet in one. 


This water bike has everything to meet the definition of a water bike – handlebars, saddle, pedals, and electric motor. However, instead of wheels, it uses a propeller and hydrofoils.

  • Body made of carbon fiber
  • Rear wing span – 198 cm, front – 121 cm
  • Engine power – 400 W
  • Simple maintenance

Since this is an electric jet ski, it has a removable battery. Of course, everything is completely waterproof and protected from salt water. The frame is made of aluminum alloy with elements of carbon fiber, which provides the XE-1 aqua-bike with low weight and high strength. Ergonomic geometry allows it to stay afloat even at rest. You can ride a jet ski using only pedals, combine pedals and an engine, or move only on electric traction.

Design and pricing

The elegant minimalistic design helps to quickly understand the control of the jetski. The electric motor is almost silent. This is indeed an original vehicle. Using it, you will have to be both a cyclist and a swimmer. Even the process of learning to ride this hydro-bike will be exciting.

The modular design allows this water bike to be transported by car or used on a roof rack. It only takes about two minutes to assemble. You can download specifications and order your hydrofoil e-bike here, priced at $8,990.



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