Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross

Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross Review

Samuel Ross, in collaboration with Hublot, designed a very special and bright watch with a remarkable visual identity.

Samuel Ross

This edition of Big Bang Tourbillon introduces his distinct geometric style and details the precision of the British fashion designer Samuel Ross.

What makes this partnership so unique? Samuel experimented with different materials and shapes. The outcome is stunning – a unique and standing-out tourbillon.

Design and specs

Ross’s characteristic use of color, as well as his passion for precise shapes and modern design, are combined with creativity and inventiveness.

Thanks to the geometric pattern placed on the watch, its casing has a distinct, stylized hexagon that sets it apart from the rest of the collection. The hexagon serves as a visual representation of the watch’s functions. The rubber strap enhances the sporty appearance of the watch.

The caliber has 72 hours of power reserve. In addition, the orange color indicates vitality and positivity.

Price and availability

Only fifty items will be available, each one a work of art that offers a fresh outlook and luxury. You will be able to buy the watch in Hublot stores and from retailers priced at $116 000.

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