How to choose the right face mask?

How to choose the right face mask?

Ever since the start of the pandemic of COVID-19, face masks have become a must-have accessory for anyone.

What should you know about face masks?

Because of its contagious rate, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO recommended to the authorities that wearing a face mask should be mandatory. Since then it became a necessary “fashion detail” to anyone. But as everyone needs to wear it regularly, came the problem with choosing the right one. Most of “fashion” masks are not doing its purpose fully, and those medical are often quite uncomfortable. The choice is very important here.

Why is that so?

Many people started to use “a fashion” alternative to this problem, which is quite risky since in most cases it is not medically proved. If we compare the number of searches in the term “face mask” versus “fashion face mask” there are 25% more searches, on average, to the second option. We assume this happened for 3 reasons.

  • Fashion,

Because it is necessary to be worn all the time, a lot of people tend to match their masks with the outfit.

  • Comfort,

Common medical masks are usually not that comfortable, and sometimes it can even be suffocating.

  • Number of use,

You can wash and use your “uncommon” mask several times.

How to make the right choice?

There are three solutions to this problem. The first one is to use a classic medical mask. The second one is, if your choice is fashion one, to buy a mask from a certified store or brand. And the third one is to test the mask yourself. You can do this by simply trying to blow the candle with your mask on, if you can’t blow it, that mask is good. You can find more about your face mask choice here.



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