How to choose the ideal video conference software?

How to choose the ideal video conference software?

Nowadays, using video conference software become a new daily routine. Because of the pandemic, simply, it is hard to imagine a week without any of those platforms in last year.

Video conference software

In general video conference software are mainly platforms for video and audio communication. Since everything has been put online because of the COVID-19, those platforms had huge growth in popularity in last year. But because of that popularity, the offer of that software grew as well. Now, it is hard to decide which one to choose.

How to choose?

Your choice should depend on your needs. In other words, the purpose for which you need this software should determine which one you will choose. We have selected the four most common needs for video conference software. 

  • 1 on 1,

If your need is for 1 on 1 video or audio chatting, then your choice should be Skype. One of the first platforms of this type has almost all necessary features available for free when it comes to 1 on 1 chatting.

  • Meetings with a moderate number of participants or with the need of the complex actions,

If you need this platform for meetings from 3 to 50-60 people, then your choice should be Zoom. Although it can be used in the free version, it is much better to pay for it, since it is marked as one of the best on the market. Also, complex actions, such as splitting participants into smaller groups, are very simple and easy to do on this platform.

  • Mass meetings,

For 100 and more participants, your choice should be Webex. Its main purposes are enterprise mass meeting and event streaming, so if that is your case, you shouldn’t have any doubts about it.

  • Virtual office,

If you need your platform to simulate office conditions, where you will have any data or document in one place, and where you can easily access any of your colleagues, then your choice should be Microsoft Teams. It allows both channel conferencing (for better transparency of working staff) and data storage, so it is ideal for a remote working environment.


Besides these video conference software that we have previously mentioned, you should check for more, like RingcentralGoToMeeting, Google Meet … and maybe see for yourself which is best for your affinities. Also, you can see more here.

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