How important are safety and privacy in online chatting?

How important are safety and privacy in online chatting?

With the latest incident with WhatsApp policy change, many safety and security issues pop-up, and the main question was asked, how safe are you while chatting online?

Policy issues

Usually, no one reads or concerns about the policies of some applications. But after the following scandal with WhatsApp policies, where they literally said that have insight into your whole date, if you accept it (if not then you can’t use it). This opened a Pandora Box of insecure chatting options, and after comprehensive analysis, it was discovered that only a few applications are offering a solid level of privacy and safety, which you can check here.

How to choose?

If safety and privacy are criteria by which you are choosing the right application for chatting, then we suggest that you use one of these two methods.

  • Personal affinity,

To put this simply, think about what is best for you. Which application fits your need the best, in this way you will probably perfectly balance all the criteria. Also, have in mind that there is probably no motive for anyone from Facebook to stole your date, so WhatsApp could be an acceptable option if you are not boycotting it because of your principles.

  • Pay,

Again, simple, if you are that concerned then just pay it. Money can solve most of the problems in the world, including this one. Besides Signal, which was currently the safest free version application, you have alternatives like Sky ECC, which is offering a lot of security and privacy protection options, for, of course, a certain amount of money.

What next?

The best thing that you can do is to follow the trending news. In other words, for example, WhatsApp postponed the deadline for accepting their new policies, because of the pressure, this also could mean, that it won’t be mandatory to sign it, or that they will change it. Also, this affected other chatting applications for sure, and they will be revising their policies. To see more you can check here.



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