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High-End Gaming Rig: Comet MK2 M-ATX PC

High-End Gaming Rig: Comet MK2 M-ATX PC

Recently, 8Pack in cooperation with Caseking has returned to the market with the dream of all gamers –  a unique system to satisfy the most demanding gamer. Their Comet MK2 is a small system that comes equipped with a bespoke liquid cooling system and a massive amount of top-notch hardware to get maximum performance.


The amazing gadget is a compact system with cooling liquid. The gaming PC is based on an Intel Core i9-12900KS processor and a Geforce RTX 3090 graphics card in a unique casing

Cooling system

The advanced specialized water cooling used to meticulously cool the PCs performs flawlessly. The Comet MK2 has a cooling system with two radiators, and twin pumps to keep everything cool. Eight fans are connected with the radiators and cooled using a special fluid. 

Special additions and price

You may also modify the system to meet your demands. Users have the opportunity of selecting from a mix of materials. The full-color printing on the case is also provided so you may add a special look to your gadget. It’s a rather remarkable device, and the cost represents that. For approximately 10 thousand euros, the 8Pack Comet MK2 is available as of right now.



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