Heart Of Rainbow: Fabulous Collaboration Of LV And Kusama

Heart Of A Rainbow: Fabulous Collaboration Of LV And Kusama

The brilliant Yayoi Kusama, a well-known artist from Japan, and Louis Vuitton have teamed up once more for a unique collection that features a variety of polka-dot ornaments and hypnotic flower decorations.

Working together

It’s common to get enthusiastic over Yayoi Kusama’s polka-dotted artwork. It’s impossible to miss her mesmerizing, repeated patterns.

Earlier, Kusama caused a stir in the world of fashion. Keen admirers of Louis Vuitton may recall a collection in 2012 where the designer represented well-known bags embellished with distinctive dots. Today, Kusama and the opulent brand got together again for a collaborative project and the outcome was astonishing.


This recent partnership features a range of ready-made items, accessories, and fragrances for both men and women. The collection also employs hue schemes that Kusama frequently used, including black, yellow, white, and red in different combinations. Additionally, Louis Vuitton’s product line employs a variety of Kusama’s motifs and ideas.

The psychedelic blossoms that appear in artists’ works also emerged on Louis Vuitton leather items. The collection will be available in 2023. You can get more information here.

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