Health Significance: Nutrition Science at EdX

Health Significance: Nutrition Science at EdX

During this course from EdX, you will get an understanding of the nutrition fundamentals. Also, you will learn how proper nutrition ensures the normal functioning of the body and the maintenance of health.


The program lasts for eight weeks and consists of weekly modules.

The impact of proper nutrition on human health has been proven by scientists from various industries and fields. The modern culture of human nutrition is far from correct, and therefore a number of health and well-being problems arise.

That is why knowing the scientific background of nutrition is essential for any wellness practitioner.

You can gain this knowledge and more by enrolling in the Nutrition Science course from the Stanford Center for Health Education.

Such professionals as medical specialists, dietitians, and lifestyle experts including fitness trainers, and food bloggers are the target audience for this course.


Discover the scientific basis of nutrition, and get a valid certificate of completion.

Assessment is ongoing and is based on a number of website practical exercises. You must fulfill the conditions mentioned in the course booklet in order to get a certificate.

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