Golden Girl: new summer trend by Michael Kors

Golden Girl: New Summer Trend By Michael Kors

This season Michael Kors introduced timeless essentials in neutral tones. They are adorned with astonishing metallic accessories to complete looks and add balance and uniqueness.

The idea

At Michael Kors, there’s always something fresh to explore. You may find the newest fashion trends every season online and in stores, from elegant dresses to chic outerwear. New arrivals can encourage you to update your appearance. You’ll dazzle everybody with your fashion sense with new items. This summer M. Kors offers the fashion line in sandy colors and soft lines. Chain-belt dresses, polo shirts, ponchos, and sweaters are here, just to name a few.

What’s inside

The new collection has every fashion piece you might need this summer, from velvety polo shirts to golden Vera sandals that lend a touch of opulence to your summer wear. A great number of accessories finish the glamorous look:  straw tote bags, sunglasses, and belts will make your outlook special and unique. 

Availability and price

When you’re ready for a wardrobe refresh, explore new arrivals on the official M. Kors site. Also, have a look at the special sale section, to find the things that appeal to you the most and at very pleasant prices!

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