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Givenchy Whiskey Inspired Eau De Parfum

Givenchy Whiskey Inspired Eau De Parfum

The new Eau de Perfume Reserve Privée by Givenchy for men reflects the pinnacle in ageless elegance and sophistication.

Givenchy Beauty has developed this new fragrance for those looking for an upgraded spin on a classic. The scent reflects the world of whiskey and has a woody, flowery, amber tone that complements the components wonderfully. The scent has notes of whiskey and iris, and it smells like casks with a floral finish.

The delicacy of ambery wood and the brilliant airy iris, create a heady duet that is irresistibly seductive.

The manufacturers Infuse the fragrance with smooth natural whisky absolute. Moreover, they crafted this fragrance using aromatic barley from a refined Scottish distillery.

The amber-toned perfume evokes the intense hue of the whisky itself. Its bottle has polished, pure forms echoing an elegant hip flask. 

The Givenchy Gentleman Réserve Privée Eau De Parfum is available now starting at $120 and comes packaged in glass bottles paired with a black gradation lacquer to call to mind the design of a gentleman’s flask. The bottle also uses 15% of recycled glass as the material.



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