Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Review & Pricing


Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film is a camera film designed for Fujifilm Instax Mini Series Cameras.

Best for

Lover of instant, small photos, and Fujifilm Instax camera users, especially good for taking quick moments and traveling.

Not for

Those who want more detailed and bigger photos and don’t use Fujifilm products. Also, instant photos are quite expensive (the film is a usually greater expense than the camera itself) and you should avoid them if you are not planning to spend much on them.

– Excellent sharpness of the photo,
– Very good picture quality in general,
– Second best rank in Photographic Film product category.
– Great for pocket photos.– The product can sometimes come without description,
– It is important to follow the instructions for photo-taking process.


$34.95 per pack.

Additional info

  • Picture dimensions are: 62mm x 46mm,
  • Film size is: 86mm x 46mm,
  • You get 10 pictures per pack,
  • You have to contact the seller directly for a warranty.

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