Friends The Reunion Special 2021- Cast and where to watch?

Friends The Reunion Special 2021- Cast and where to watch?

Our favorite TV show is finally returned! After 17 years of waiting, Friends have finally back again in the special edition. 

About the show

The original series of this sitcom was consisted of 10 seasons, with about 20-25 episodes each. Unfortunately, this new special edition isn’t much of a real season. This time it will be only one special episode, in which the main story will be the main cast visiting all the places and venues of the set, also with meeting the other cast and guest roles. The episode is without a concrete scenario, it has mainly consisted of the conversation between main actors and their sharing of memories and impressions on visiting the sets after all these years.

Cast and where to watch

Friends The Reunion Special is streamed by HBO-Max, and its premier was on the 27th of May 2021. The main cast remains unchanged:

  • Jeniffer Aniston,
  • Courteney Cox,
  • Lisa Kudrow,
  • Matt LeBlanc,
  • Matthew Perry,
  • David Schwimmer.

The greatest change is that they won’t play the roles (Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross), but they will play themselves, as it is more in the fashion of a documentary.

Besides them, there will be also some guest roles, some of them are:

  • David Beckham,
  • Justin Bieber,
  • Cindy Crawford,
  • Cara Delvingne,
  • Lady Gaga…


This special edition of the show was meant to start with the set on 23th of March 2020 but was postponed due to a pandemic. Now, after more than a year the show is been released, and it took place in Los Angeles in the original Stage 24 also known as “Friends stage“ in Warner Bros studios. More about this special episode of the Friends reunion you can find here.



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