Formula 1 Extends Deal With Ferrari Trento

Formula 1 Extends Deal With Ferrari Trento

In order to honor its 120th anniversary, Ferrari Trento became carbon neutral. Additionally, its three-year collaboration with F1 has been extended to five.

Where it all started

Giulio Ferrari was the initial founder of the brand. He has a dream of producing the finest French Champagnes. That is where the tale of the Ferrari wine brand got its start.

He began making a small number of extremely high-end liquors while paying meticulous attention to quality. He passed his business to Bruno Lunelli because he didn’t have any children. The Ferrari’s ambition is still being pursued by the Lunelli family’s third generation today.

Formula 1

Beginning with the 2021 season, a Jeroboam by Ferrari Trento will commemorate the triumphs of the greatest Formula 1 champions for the following five seasons. 

Formula 1 selected the brand not only because it is one of the most renowned vineyards in the world, but also because of its distinguished past. It has also personified Italian quality for over a century; through its passion and talent, it has created sparkling wines of exceptional delicacy that can brighten any event.

Today, it is evident that this partnership served as both a big start and a major accomplishment.

Limited edition

With the introduction of the Ferrari F1 Podium Jeroboam, fans can now feel the emotions of the sport’s brightest stars and rejoice as the winners do on the podium. You can make your order on Ferrari Trento’s official site.

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