Folding Urban Scooter

Folding Urban Scooter Review

A folding electric scooter for city dwellers has been recently created by Fatih Avci.  It offers a rotating wheel, a holder for your gadget, and a storage compartment.

Who is it aimed at?

Such scooters can be immensely helpful for urban residents. They allow us to reach destinations faster than we can on foot, and they’re less expensive than other urban transportation options such as e – bicycles. You can even use them on the road to ride alongside cars.

E-scooters are a pretty suitable option for urban transportation due to their compact size and small weight. However, finding a place to store them can be a hassle. The new scooter provides a rotating front wheel and a hook for holding objects.


However, a deeper examination uncovers a whole lot of other unique features. Among them is a folding mechanism that provides easy storage of the device in congested city places such as subways and tiny flats. Also, the scooter’s wheel allows users to fold it at a ninety-degree angle.

Finally, there is a compartment for your smartphone so you can follow GPS conveniently.

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