Foam Wireless Charger

Foam Wireless Charger Review

We use smartphones practically every minute of the day. That means we have to recharge it rather frequently. The introduction of different gadgets has made this process a little easier and more efficient. This unique product concept, on the other hand, lends an entirely modern approach of giving a rest to your smartphone. Because even these devices need it.

What’s so special?

Foam is a wireless charging design solution. It includes memory foam to give your smartphone a “relaxing” experience while it recharges. 

The ‘Foam’ wireless charger is a unique accessory for smartphone owners. It sets on their nightstand or desk to provide their trusted device a place to recharge when it runs out of juice.

The charger has a special design that will provide power invisibly. This allows users to put their gadgets to sleep while also conveying a feeling of reverence for technology.

Creators and availability

Hyeongkwon Lee and Junsung Hwang designed the gadget, that maintains a minimalist appearance and gives a great look for your home.

The device is still in the design stage, however, we are sure it will be a great choice for any minimalist desk.

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